The Locomotive Photograph Index

Using the index is very simple - select one of the search options from the coloured buttons and follow the instructions that appear on each screen. The system will search the database and display a list of entries which match your search criteria. You will be supplied with a link to provide details of the book in which each reference can be found.

The database is very heavily biased towards the locomotives of the Great Western Railway as that is my particular interest and my book collection naturally reflects this.

I hope you will find the database useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, or find any errors please contact me.

About the information
Where the locomotive number cannot be read I have relied on the author's information. Where no number is visible and none is quoted, the photograph has not been included in the index. Where the same number was carried by engines of a different class or Company, the system will display all matches grouped by Company and Class.
  Name The name is linked to the corresponding number where appropriate. This was a later enhancement to the system so it may still throw up an inaccurate name if the engine underwent a name change.
  Company This is the Railway Company who owned, built or operated the locomotive.
  Class I have included the Class designator. This will enable searches for locomotives of a particular class. Where I have not been able to do so, they are listed as "Unclassified".
  Type This is the wheel arrangment (e.g. 4-6-0, 2-8-0T and so on)
  Year Where the source quotes a date, the year is included but not the exact date. Where no date is provided the year is left blank.
  Location If a location is quoted in the source this is included. Where it is not quoted, no attempt has been made to identify it, unless the location is obvious. These are annotated "Not Known".
  Area This is generally the County prior to the pre 1974 local government boundary changes. The odd photograph overseas is indicated by the country. I have been unable to relate some locations to the appropriate area - any help in filling the gaps would be appreciated.
  Source All sources listed were generally available, though there is no guarantee that they are currently in print.
  Page Generally, the page number is given. Some books use plate numbers - it should be obvious where this is the case. A page like "rc", for example, denotes "rear cover". Some sources do not print a page number on all pages - I have tried to be accurate in keeping count of the pages. A few do not have page numbers at all in which case the page will appear as a blank.
  Publisher I have included the Publisher from my copy. Some books undergo changes of publisher that may also result in a change to the ISBN - see below.
  Author The author is as stated on the book.
  Date This is the year of first publication where a book has gone through re-prints.
  ISBN Where available, I have included the ISBN Catalogue Number for my book.

I cannot guarantee that any particular photograph is suitable for modelling purposes, nor can I vouch for the accuracy of the information given in the source. I cannot undertake to scan or copy photographs - it breaches copyright and life is too short!

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