This web-site and the models featured could not have been created without:

Eddie Hall - son, star racing driver, friend and ColdFusion tutor who presented me with the most unusual birthday present ever - the domain

Ben Hall - son, model aeroplane constructor supreme and friend - we spend many companiable hours building ships and the occasional days out.

Pat Hall - my long suffering spouse who indulges my hobbies and does the best G&T in the world.

Peter Howell - friend, neighbour and co-conspirator in the Grindham project. Track and wiring were joint efforts but the majority of the scenic work and, of course, most of the buildings were created with great skill by Peter.

My good friend Iiro Hirvensalo who I met by chance in Lapland - and whose enthusiasm for steam rekindled my own latent interest.

All model kit manufacturers and traders whose products make the models shown on this site possible. My apologies to any that I have not mentioned, and thanks to you all.

Members of the Witham Model Railway Society for their support and help with operating Grindham.

The Scalefour Society - without which modelling an accurate 4mm/ft model railway would be an impossible dream.

Martin Tester for data supplied for the Locomotive index

DataPartners for their kind generosity in hosting this site.

This site is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Amazon

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