Locomotive Photographs by Company
This page lists the number of locomotives photographed for each Company. Where the Company is not known that locomotive is currently "unclassified" - I find classifying LMS (and constituents) very tricky and confess that I have not been very consistent, especially with pre-grouping engines. I will try to correct these as time goes by. The figures indicate the slight bias towards the Great Western.
London Midland & Scottish Railway 478
Midland & South Western Junction Railway 13
Great Central Railway 17
London & North Eastern Railway 183
Rhymney Railway 4
Great Western Railway 6233
Caledonian Railway 2
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 5
London & North Western Railway 4
Somerset & Dorset 14
London & South Western Railway 11
Midland Railway 32
Not Known 73
Southern Railway 144
British Railways 289
Taff Vale Railway 9
Great Northern Railway 2
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